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doing enough


doing it all

Pruitt Family Session 2020_Emilee Chambe

The season of life with little kids for most of us is not one of Pinterest perfection. We're all just doing the best we can to help our tiny, helpless humans grow into kind, loving, productive members of society. 

I often feel like I'm not doing enough, and, by extension, that I am not enough. It's not true, of course. I am more than enough for my family, and you, dear reader, are too.

We're making it work.

This is a space for my thoughts on life with littles. A life that often feels like I'm holding it all together by the skin of my teeth. It's a reminder that doing enough really is enough, and no one is really doing it all.

Within you'll find a little bit of seriousness, a dash of humor, and a scoop of unsolicited advice (a.k.a my tips for making it work).

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